SWEAT: the tokenomics (phase four) → The open economy of movement

SWEAT: the tokenomics (phase four) → The open economy of movement

Originally published for Sweat Economy

The end of our current roadmap is not an end at all.

Phase four represents the beginning of a new chapter. It is the moment where, with strong foundations, Sweat Economy can support an entire open economy of movement: a way to reward everyone in increasingly attractive ways for any form of movement.

To begin the rollout of this new economy, phase four of the tokenomics includes two key functions:

  • Alternative Movement Validators
  • Data analytics

Alternative Movement Validators

Movement Validators are the entities that verify a user’s movement, detect fraudulent activity, and independently mint user SWEAT.

By allowing any activity tracker or wearable to operate as a Movement Validator, the economy becomes more decentralized. It also becomes more powerful, by inviting in new populations, and including new forms of movement.

How it works:

  • Movement Validators are, technically speaking, the organizations that operate activity trackers and wearables: such as Technogym, who operate gym equipment, or Peloton with the Peloton Bike.
  • The organization must stake a considerable sum of SWEAT. This stake can be slashed if the validator is performing poorly, or maliciously.
  • In return for their role, the Movement Validator will receive a fee of the SWEAT they mint. Currently, the SweatCo Ltd Movement Validator receives 0.5% of the SWEAT it mints.

This is a win-win. The Movement Validators can offer its users SWEAT for their movement, while earning SWEAT themselves. Sweat Economy benefits by welcoming new populations and customers of the given organization, while providing its community with new forms of activity to mint SWEAT.

Swim, cycle, yoga…

We want people to earn rewards for moving in the way they want; whether they want to cycle, swim, do yoga, pilates, or gym work. This is fundamental to making a true movement economy.

There are a wealth of projects, companies, and organizations dedicated to monitoring and tracking these kinds of movement. Through Sweat Economy, they can offer a ‘no-brainer’ incentive to increase their customer base, earn crypto, and join the new economy.

If Sweatcoin has 85M users earning for their steps alone, you can understand why we believe that Sweat Economy can become so open, broad, and deeply rooted in society that a billion people can Move to Earn with SWEAT.

Data analytics

Sweatcoin has never sold user data. The Sweat Foundation will not either. In Sweat Economy, you own the data you produce.

The Sweat DAO will allow users to monetize this data, if they choose to.

An individual could engage a health insurer who will pay for access to their movement data. This is one way in which people could begin to earn discounts on their health insurance, amongst other things.

A user could also chose to contribute their personal data to an aggregated data pool. Detailed, dense, and global movement data has an endless list of possible use cases.

For example, investors could use an index of global health trends as a way to hedge against the cost of healthcare. Insurers could make this data part of their business models. Doctors and academic institutions would want the data to gain insights.

Anyone who wants access to this data has to pay; the reward would return to those who contributed their data to the pool, while the DAO receives a fee for operating the service.

Crypto has always been about returning ownership and autonomy to the individual. With SWEAT, this results in an added incentive for movement.

Developing the open economy of movement

Did you ever wonder why the project is called Sweat Economy? Most projects call themselves a network, or an ecosystem, but this doesn’t capture the full scope of our mission; a mission that is really about bringing a real, tangible value to movement.

The mission is only possible because movement has an innate economic value. The Sweat Foundation is dedicated both to realizing this inherent value, and to working on new business models and revenue generators to further reward movement.

The inherent value of movement is demonstrated the world over, by governments that pay for cycle to work schemes, or employers who pay for employee gym memberships, health insurers who give discounts on premiums, or free Apple watches, to their users. Grassroots football campaigns are not simply to encourage healthier children — they are considered a key part of creating happy communities, and valuable members of our societies.

As this suggests, there is a value to movement which we cannot so easily site, but we all know to be immense: the value of movement to our mental and emotional wellbeing. This is a key stimulant of the open economy. If people feel better for moving, that makes movement, and SWEAT, part of a positive feedback loop that benefits everyone.

As for new business models, check out the first three phases of the tokenomics plan, or the Litepaper, all of which highlight the ways the Foundation will create new rewards for movement.

Start earning crypto for your steps by following this link. To learn more about Sweat Economy, visit our website. For the latest news, make sure to follow us on TwitterDiscordTelegram, and Reddit.

Take a hike,

The Sweat Team

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