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  • SWEAT: the tokenomics (Part 1)

    SWEAT: the tokenomics (Part 1)

    Originally published on Sweat Economy Medium page. We created SWEAT to reward movement. Whether you’re walking the kids to school, strolling to the shops, or through the park on your lunch break. We want to celebrate every day movement. And encourage more of it. The simple fact is: your movement has value. Governments offer cycle-to-work […]

  • Introducing Sweat Economy

    Introducing Sweat Economy

    Originally published on Sweat Economy’s Medium page. Sweat Economy is for everyone: crypto beginners and experts. If you are new to crypto, and want to learn more about this amazing technology, visit our FAQ page. From the day we started Sweatcoin in 2016, we wanted to develop a cryptocurrency. We knew that crypto could return the […]

  • What are digital job markets, and what can they become?

    What are digital job markets, and what can they become?

    Originally published at HUMAN Protocol Following on from our piece “What is a knowledge worker?”, this article will explore the kinds of work that could be available on HUMAN Protocol. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the work that could be on the Protocol, but is simply intended to help the community […]

  • What is a knowledge worker?

    Originally published at HUMAN Protocol A knowledge worker is someone who is paid for what they know. There are no further limits on the definition; almost every kind of worker could be thought of as a knowledge worker, even those involved in physical labor. A surgeon is a knowledge worker. They are paid for the […]

  • Introducing IMOO: Information Market On-chain Oracle

    Originally published at HUMAN Protocol We are pleased to announce IMOO: an on-chain oracle that provides information markets with a global, real-time opinion poll to expedite settlement of a market. IMOO is designed to arbitrate markets, while offering them the information required to enter into more diverse types of prediction. What are information markets? An information […]

  • Should we fear the rise of robots? A look at the future of AI

    Written for HUMAN Protocol The fear of AI is really the fear of losing our jobs; it is the fear of losing our humanity, or having it taken away. While some fears could result in reasonable caution, it is important not to overestimate the dangers of AI, and instead to begin the narrative promoting a […]

  • What is machine learning?

    Article written for: HUMAN Protocol Predictive text, voice recognition technology, and navigation systems; face identification, spam email filters, and product recommendations. Machine learning is used to build products we interact with every day. But what is it? An algorithm is the set of rules that a machine is programmed to follow in order to complete […]

  • Democratizing Data: Why HUMAN Protocol is Important to the World

    “Software is simply the encoding of human thought” — Chris Dixon You may not realize it, but every time you interact with an Artificial Intelligence product — such as photo tagging suggestions — you are benefitting from the unseen labor of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of data labellers. Traditionally, AI products are created […]