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SWEAT: the tokenomics (Part 1)

Originally published on Sweat Economy Medium page. We created SWEAT to reward movement. Whether you’re walking the kids to school, strolling to the shops, or through the park on your lunch break. We want to celebrate every day movement. And encourage more of it. The simple fact is: your movement has value. Governments offer cycle-to-work […]

Introducing Sweat Economy

Originally published on Sweat Economy’s Medium page. Sweat Economy is for everyone: crypto beginners and experts. If you are new to crypto, and want to learn more about this amazing technology, visit our FAQ page. From the day we started Sweatcoin in 2016, we wanted to develop a cryptocurrency. We knew that crypto could return the […]

What are digital job markets, and what can they become?

Originally published at HUMAN Protocol Following on from our piece “What is a knowledge worker?”, this article will explore the kinds of work that could be available on HUMAN Protocol. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the work that could be on the Protocol, but is simply intended to help the community […]

What is a knowledge worker?

Originally published at HUMAN Protocol A knowledge worker is someone who is paid for what they know. There are no further limits on the definition; almost every kind of worker could be thought of as a knowledge worker, even those involved in physical labor. A surgeon is a knowledge worker. They are paid for the […]


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